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In the Kitchen

Creating delicious things brings me so much joy. I often joke that Food is my love language... I come from a long line of cooks and bakers, with experience in various kitchens and even working for a world famous chocolatier at one point. Although I don't have any "formal" training, I am confident that my work speaks for itself and the love I pour into everything I create will fill both your heart and your belly.

rum cake.jpg
rum cake.jpg

A rum cake here, some raspberry bars there, a slough of beautiful cutout cookies that don't taste like cardboard... 

Whatever your sweet tooth is craving, I can likely deliver.

If it's not on my standard "menu" just ask! 

baked goods

private classes
and parties

Looking for a private class/lesson? OR perhaps a catered dinner party in your home? Learn more about the endless possibilities I have to offer! 

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